Fauna and Flora

image of cows nappingAnother drive down one of my familiar routes this week. And here are the lovely ladies from a couple of weeks ago napping in the evening sun.

image of goose nappingSummer’s coming on and amid all of the fun and outdoor reverie, there should always be time for naps.

I love a nap.

image of goose looking out over waterThis pensive goose may be considering a nap. Or possibly contemplating the meaning of goose life. Or maybe just checking the water to see if there’s anything edible floating by.

image of two ducks in waterThese ducks were napping, but slipped into the water when I arrived. Sorry for the interruption, guys.

image of goose in grassThis goose was not napping, but was keeping a close eye on me as I crept through the flock.

close up image of an ant on a peonyDo ants nap?

I have a feeling there isn’t much napping going on in the ant world.

close up image of a peonyPeonies, on the other hand, seem to be in a perpetual state of napdom.

close up image of irisIrises, well, they are the stuff of dreams. They are what naps are made of.


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