Non-storms and Surprise Fairs (And Call for Photographers)

image of sunsetLast Saturday it threatened to storm all day. Big clouds, dropping temperatures. In the evening gusts of wind started to whip through town.

I jumped in the car hoping to catch something spectacular, but as I topped the hill near the university I saw one brief flash of sheet lighting and then the clouds parted. The sky cleared and the sun turned bright yellow and stained the sky with peaches and oranges.

image of geese flying past dark cloudsA flock of geese laughed as they flew by. No storm for you, my dear, they honked as the storm blew south past them.

But then on the drive home I pass a fair, lights and bells and all. An almost empty fair, lights and bells and all. After dark.

Well, you know I’m not going to be able to resist that.

image of empty ferris wheel at nightI pull over and walk up the hill. There don’t seem to be too many folks around. A lot of operators and a couple dozen kids and parents.

I snap some shots, chat with the carnies. They’re off to Caledon next.

image of merr go round horse headWhile taking photos of the merry-go-round I hear a voice over my shoulder.

“The next one’s mine,” it says.

A friend points as her son swings past.

image of boy on marry-go-roundThat’s Fin.

image of rory and friend on scramblerAnd that’s Rory on the right.

image of boys on rideApparently several local businesses combine forces to bring a fair to town for their family day.

The mysterious twilight fair is explained.

Still, it didn’t feel any less magical to stumble upon it after a day of a storm that wasn’t.

I hope you get a few chances to stumble across twilight fairs this summer.


Also, I’m curating an exhibition in September.

If you’re in Peterborough and a photographer check this out.


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