Jazz and Cats and Cows

image of Eric Stach Free Music Unit PosterI visited my mother in London last week and we went out to check out the first of the summer’s Friday nights with the Eric Stach Free Music Unit.

image of Eric Stach Free Music UnitIt was a lovely evening with a great atmosphere and some interesting sounds.

image of Eric Stach Free Music UnitThat’s Eric in the back with his saxophone.

image of Art Pratten and his newest Pratt-a-variousThis is Art Pratten and his newly minted Pratt-a-various (cello version).

image of catThis is my mom’s cat, Seuss enjoying the next night’s warm evening glow.

image of cows in lush fieldA few days later I drove home through a sparkling evening passing lush green fields. I had to stop when I saw these friendly faces. These must be very contented cows to be standing in grass up to their knees.

Enjoy, ladies.

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