Mosport and More Flars

image of stock car raceSo I went to Mosport this week. Yup. I did. Betcha didn’t think you’d ever see photos of racing cars up here, did ya?

Well, here they are.

image of stock car raceI went with a friend who knows about such things and who was my excellent guide through the track. We saw Nascar type cars. This one, above, was the winner of his race.

image of stock car raceThis guy (above) made it to the finish line on the back of a flatbed…

image of trans am car raceBut this guy, in the Trans Am style race, was so fast I could barely keep him in my lens. We timed one of his laps of the 2.4 km track (which includes a hairpin turn) in 1 minute and 17 seconds.

We watched him take a crazy risky pass as he lapped the pack. He slid off the track over the grass shoulder accompanied by a gasp from the crowd. In front of the crowd’s wide eyes, he somehow managed to sail straight through and with a cloud of dust and shredded blades he was gone over the hill into the final stretch, roaring and whining to his first place finish.

For those who prefer the quieter pass times, here are a few more of the lovely things growing outside my door.

close up image of fern frondThe ferns are unfolding as they should.

image of bleedingheart flowerThe bleeding hearts are getting friendly.

image of parrot tulipAnd the parrot tulips (why on earth do you think they’d be named that?) are also unfolding just as they should.

In spite of the cold snap this weekend, it seems that spring is well underway.

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