image of bergenia stalk
This is my lovely Bergenia plant. This is it’s first flowering. It was given to me two years ago in a plant swap with Jeff Macklin who has a beautiful garden of his own.

close up image of bergenia
It has this amazing cyme of florettes that glow in the evening sun.

image of early fern frond unrolling
I also have a mess of ferns in a corner of the garden that have started to take over. I’ll be sure to post a photo of them when they get shoulder high, which shouldn’t be too long from now.

image of magnolia
My Magnolia is also sending out some of its first blooms this year. It’s been in the ground here for three years, but various weather changes have prevented it from showing off.

close up image of magnolia flower
This year, though, it managed to send out a dozen blossoms.

image of star of bethlehem flowersThe Star of Bethlehem, however, is rampant. These are the first flowers of this year, but I expect by next week my garden will be a blanket of these tiny white flowers.

Oh, the joy of spring!


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