Ice Storm: First Late Blog

ice_01So we suffered an ice storm yesterday. Epic, it was, in weather mythology, long before it even arrived.

I woke up to this image (above) out my front porch.

ice_02That’s my 100 year old Cedar hedge being rested upon by a toppled 20 year old Manitoba Maple.

ice_03The bike path was completely blocked, but kind of pretty.

ice_04The ice got into every crevice and covered everything in the city.

ice_05Even my little car had ice in corners that I don’t think have ever really seen weather.

ice_06The city’s streets were laden with ice. As were the power lines, which, between the ice and falling trees, came down in a number of places.

This is why, dear reader, after two and a half years of posting my blog every Friday, this one is coming to you on a Saturday. Not only was there a tree on my hedge, but there was no power in my house.

Nothing to do but wait for the dutiful workers at Peterborough Utilities to put us all back together and take snaps of icy scenes …

ice_07… some of which were quite beautiful.

ice_08The ice almost acting as a magnifier,

ice_09giving everything a magical, if somewhat dangerous appearance.

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