Wind, More Ice Damage and Tulips

image of ice storm damaged tree at rice lake
Another trace of ice damage from the storm two weeks ago. This enormous tree, second from the left in this photo from most of two years ago, will no longer hang over the end of the spit into the north side of Rice Lake.

rough water on rice lakeThis week we had high winds and the often calm lake was churning with waves. These geese, when they took off, were almost whisked away and had to fight to keep their bearings.

rough water on rice lakeA very different mood in these high winds than when the surface is still as glass.

close up image of tulip in gardenLater this week my first early tulips opened up.

close up image of tulip in gardenIt’s still cool for the season, but the flowers are coming up and hold a bit of the light to reflect back to us when the sun is hiding behind rain clouds.

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