First Crocus and Other Flowery Bits

image of crocus in gardenLast week it was winter. This week it’s spring. Of course we’re supposed to have snow tomorrow morning. But never mind that…


image of crocus in gardenAren’t they the most colourful thing you’ve seen in the ground since winter hit?

image of crocus in gardenOh, the colour.

image of crocus in gardenAnd that ruffly stamen … sexy.

This common garden plant is related to the crocus that makes saffron.

Now that I’ve learned where the crocus is happy in my garden (it took a couple years for them to find their place), I’m thinking about getting some Crocus sativus to see how it does. Anyone out there had any luck with that picky fall blooming version?

image of helleborus flowerThis is Helleborus. Christmas Rose. It buds under the snow and blooms soon after the melt.

close up of helleborus stamenApparently it has a somewhat questionable past and has caused some trouble in history and myth.

In spite of it’s contentious use in times gone by I think it’s quite lovely and since it’s up even before the crocus, I welcome it every spring.

close up of magnolia budComing soon… Magnolia.

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