24 Hour Music Project 2013


The 24 Hour Music Project is a fabulous event that just had it’s third year. 10 composers team up to create 5 bands made up of Peterborough musicians who perform 20 minutes of music created within 24 hours.

It started out quietly enough. I walked into the Red Dog to see Julia Fenn and Liam Wilson tuning up (above).

Then the shows began.


Yodelaydelay started out the evening, getting their arrangements together with grace and humour.


Karaopus was up next with a rock opera to tell the story of Karaoke crossed lovers.


Memory Clinic played a sweet and lovely set of country stylings to sooth the musical brow.


Memory Clinic’s composers, as all of the musicians did, checked in with each other before, during and after songs, trying to keep up with each other’s miraculous discoveries as they arranged and rearranged songs on stage in front of the audience.


Unfortunate Bust (Fortunate Lust?) came out all funky like and brought the house to a new level of musical excitement.


The audience got closer to the stage and started to bob heads, tap toes and sway hips.


Thunderfinger started out calmly enough, but soon erupted into a frenzy of sound that overwhelmed the building.


I think it may have overwhelmed the musicians somewhat as well.

People in the audience stopped conversations in the middle of sentences, compelled to join those on the dance floor.


To close off the evening was a headlining performance by Occam’s Blazer, an 80’s inspired pop rock group who filled out the wide range of musical genres and talents that the 24 Hour Music Project brings out each year.


Special appreciation goes to Rob Swales (below) who organized the event and played in one of the impromptu bands as well as Occam’s Blazer.

24_3013_13Thanks, Rob. See you next year!

And here’s the full roster of photos should you wish to take in the full spectrum of the evening:

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