Seeds in Winter

image of seedy sunday, peterborough, jill bishop, peter hughes

Last weekend was Seedy Sunday. Jill Bishop is the mastermind of this great event. She and Peter Hughes (both pictured above) help co-ordinate The Peterborough Community Garden Network. Jill also runs the Wednesday Farmers’ Market in downtown Peterborough.

image of seedy sunday peterborough

I showed up at Seedy Sunday early and it was already packed. People everywhere, shopping for seeds, exchanging garden stories, dreaming of spring.

image of rocks and ice

The day of Seedy Sunday was very spring like, but less than 24 hours later it got cold again. And snowed.

image of rocks, trees and ice

My favourite place below the dam was looking seriously bleak.

image of ice and trees

But also beautiful.

image of ice, rocks and trees

Amazing abstract shapes.

image of rocks in bleak landscape

And patterns.

image of seedy sunday boothBut I can’t leave you with that almost monochromatic scene of winter’s slowly approaching end. Instead, above, I leave you with Maple Syrup and root veg (the spoils of winter), and another glimpse of seeds.

Oh, I’m too, too eager for the warmer weather.

Can you tell?

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