Deer Tracks

image of snowy field under white cloudsUnfortunately I wasn’t able to get out to shoot the incredible winter wonderland that Peterborough woke up to on Thursday. But from my Facebook and Twitter feed, just about everyone I know who has a camera of some variety was out shooting snaps.

I hope you got some good shots, too.

I did get out this morning to revel in the sun – too rare a sight these days.

I found myself in this field north of town.

image of deer tracks in the snowThere were tracks, old and fresh, meandering all through the field going in straight lines and circles. What could they be?

image of deer tracks in deep snowPretty unmistakable.

The whole field was covered in them. Foraging, wandering, stopping to look around.

image of winter field with deer path And one very well worn path wandering off over the hill.

I was tempted to follow to see if I could catch up to them, but I am clumsy and loud in this deep and crusted snow. They’d have heard me coming for miles.

Maybe they’re there, just beyond that stand of trees. Watching and snickering at my lack of grace.


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