Wearable Art 2013


I had the opportunity last weekend to takes photos at Public Energy’s Wearable art show. The creative talent from the young models from Strutt as well as from the community artists was incredible.


This is Angela Sorensen wearing a construction of items from East City Flower Shop created by Judith Mason and Cath Adele.


This is Gwynne Mann in a remarkable number by Kirsten Smith from items available at Peterborough Green-up.

wearable03 This stunning gentleman is David Russel wearing cedar and other things dreamed up by Wendy Trussler from greenery supplied by Pammett’s Flower Shop. He’s handing a flower to…


… Alex Saul, also wearing a costume by Wendy with supplies from Pammett’s.


This is Nikolay Afonin in black light bedecked with paper products from Custom Copy crafted by Shannon Taylor.


This is Melanie McCall wearing a sweeping ensemble of hardware fashioned by Janet Howse with goods from Millwork.

And here is a gorgeous garment created by Vicky Paradisis from items available from Lakefield Pantry.

I will be posting a gallery of other models and fashions over the weekend, so check back to this page next week to see the incredible work created by the other models and community artists.

If you get a chance next year, don’t miss Public Energy’s Wearable Art Show.

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