This Just In: Snow

image of jeff maclin in the snowI went out walking today to get shots of the snow and who should I find but friend Jeff Macklin spending his birthday shoveling out his driveway. Go check out his Jackson Street Press page. I know you’ll like what you see there.

image of snowy streetscapeThe streets really were accumulating a lot of snow.

image of pedestrian on snowy streetThere weren’t many cars out. The streets were becoming pretty much impassable. It was even hard to walk, the snow was getting to be knee deep in spots.

image of car stuck in snow with people helpingAnd those foolish enough to try to get around in cars were getting stuck at every corner. Fortunately there were a lot of folks shoveling or enjoying the snow, so there were many hands to help.

image of toboganner on urban dublin streetAnd for those who didn’t have to brave the snow in their cars, there were a lot of fun ways to spend the afternoon.

image of snowmobile on urban bethune streetAnd you know it’s officially a snow day when the snow mobiles come out in downtown Peterborough.

image of snowmobile on bethune streetBeauty on, snowmobile guy…


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