Fog Town, roboteyes, Beekeeper and Family – Also Exhibition Reminder

Exhibition Reminder

image of forest path with fogWe’ve had another bout of fog.

This was a late afternoon fog that rose up off the snow and river in visible swaths.

image of fog over riverIt rose up off the river.

image of fog over riverShrouding the city lights in mist.

image of london street foot bridge in fog at nightAnd as it cooled down for the evening…

image of fog over otonabee river at nightIt sank back down into the ice.

Also this week, I went to see roboteyes and Beekeeper at the Garnet.

image of roboteyes at garnetroboteyes filled the house with rich, layered, pop-rock sound.

image of roboteyes at garnetThere’s no end of talent in this ensemble.

image of beekeeper bandThis is Beekeeper from Vancouver (or at least two of them). Also worth your time to check out.

Half way through their show, Devon, that’s him on the right above, asked the audience to join the band on stage for a family photo.

image of audience at The Red Garnet, peterboroughAnd so they did.

Happy family!

Exhibition Reminder

Also, please come out and take a look at my exhibition opening this weekend.

Within the Limits: Photographs of Peterborough

image of poster for Within the Limits exhibitionIn an upcoming exhibition at Ritz Deli North, photographer Esther Vincent has turned her eye from the hills and country roads of Central Ontario to more urban cityscapes. Known for her sky-scapes that focus on weather and the changing seasons, Vincent has chosen this time to examine the streets and parks closer to her home in downtown Peterborough.

The show runs from January 29th to February 25th at the Ritz Deli North, 641 George St N.

There is an opening reception Sunday, February 3 from 8 to 10 pm.

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