London and the Everlovin’ Snow Dogs

image of suburban street in winterVisiting mom always gives me a chance to tour the old neighbourhood. It changes slowly.

A couple of years ago (more like ten years ago) they put up these houses in what used to be a tiny strip mall, parking lot and field. The old neighbourhood looks a little more new.

image of the winter school yard at Glen Cairn Public SchoolThe school yard looks mostly the same. The soccer goal posts are new and the school itself has easily doubled in size, but the landscape and houses look the same as they did when I played in this yard as a kid.

image of dogs in snowI also got to visit a friend and his dogs and go for a run in the snow. This is Baker and that’s Cash running for the camera in the background.

image of dogs in snowThey were loving the cool air, the running and the snow.

dog in snowBaker.

image of dog in snow with toyCash.

Too much fun.


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