Idle No More

image of dean del mastro at idle no more protest, peterboroughI had many things to do this Wednesday, so I wasn’t able to make it to the beginning of the Idle No More peaceful protest that carried a large crowd along Lansdowne Street to Dean Deal Mastro, our local MP’s office.

I arrived in time, however, to see Mr. Del Mastro, surrounded by protesters, looking overwhelmed and cold.

The spirit of the event was to raise awareness for the ongoing struggles of many of the indigenous communities across Canada and grievances with his recent Bills (C-38 and C-45) which erode environmental protection laws and make it easier for public land to be used by resource hungry businesses, among other things. Also because these Bills were introduced without consultation with the indigenous communities they will most affect.

image of young anishinaabe woman at idle no more protest peterboroughThere are parallel protests happening in cities across Canada. There’s probably one near you.

Many are in response to and support for Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat, who is on a controversial hunger strike with the intention of getting Stephen Harper to sit down with First Nations leaders to discuss the state of the relationship between First Nations and the rest of Canada.

image of protesters, idle no more, peterboroughI am posting these photos here, because I think it is time to listen. And depending on how you feel about the situation, it might also be time to act.

I love this land that I live on. And I love the water that runs through it.

image of blackpool road bridge in winterI love this land and water that I share with my friends and families, indigenous and immigrant, First Nations and settler.

I can’t believe we have all lived here together for so long and refuse to find a way to take proper care of the land, the water and each other.

It’s time.


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