Snow Clouds Over Peterborough

image of snow clouds over downtown peterborough at sunset

We had a flurry of snow a couple of days ago and I was hoping to catch the flakes as they flew over downtown so I rushed to the Simcoe Street parking garage to get above the city.

The snow clouds passed overhead as I climbed the stairs to the roof.

I didn’t catch the flurry, but I did grab the ominous, dark clouds that were carrying the snow off toward the east.

image of dark winter cloud over peterborough

As the thick clouds passed, the sun peered through on the horizon and lit the city. It was the end of the work day and there was some bustling activity on the streets below.

360 degree image of snow clouds at sunset
click to see full size

And the sparse drifts of snow scattered to the corners and edges of things as people and cars scattered off home.

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