Low Water Blush

image of the otonabee river and the mnr building at sunsetIt looked like it was going to be a good sunset night. So I high-tailed it to the river to grab some shots. The river was at low water, so I could stand about six feet in from the bank. A perfect view.

sunset over an early winter riverSometimes, about an hour before sunset, you can see a tint in the light that indicates that there’s going to be a lovely show of colour as the sun goes down.

Usually it involves high altitude clouds with frequent breaks in them. But not always.

image the sun setting behind the MNR building, peterboroughOn this night, there were the high clouds with more clouds on the horizon and the slightest hint of pink.

Sure enough, just as the sun was passing the horizon (when the really good colour usually appears) a thicker layer of clouds began to creep over town.

I thought I would get nothing but dark shadows, but just as I turned to leave, the sun pushed through.

image of a sunset behind the mnr building, peterboroughThe Minsitry of Natural Resources building suddenly looked like a Gothic castle.

image of sunset over river with winter treesThe sky reddened and the sun tinted and stained the clouds and the clouds whorled and drifted and the river reflected it all back to the sky and world turned rich and dark and mysterious.

image of pink sunset over still riverSexy.

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