Mist, Fog and More Flying Things, Like Geese and Busses

image of still lake at sunset with buoysWe’ve had unseasonably warm weather this past week. Warm days and cool nights. This brought on a week of mist, fog and soft colours.

image of orange lake at sunset with mistEven the brilliance of the orange sunset was softened as it rested on the still water of Rice Lake.

image of geese reflected in lakeThe geese were reflected on the surface as they chose their resting places for the night.

image of geese flying over lakeAnd the moon hung quietly, lighting their way…

image of geese flying in fromt of a sunset over a lake… as the sun disappeared behind the horizon.

image of still lake at sunset with buoysLeaving the buoys to rest and reflect…

image of still lake at sunset with buoys… and discuss the coming night with the moon.

image of field at sunset with clouds, moon and telephone poleThe following night it was mistless but layers of cloud caught colour from the sun.

image of street corner in fogThe night after that was thickened by dense fog.

All of downtown became a maze of shadow and muted tones.

image of bus speeding past in the fogOccasionally broken up by buses flying through the murky streets.

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