image of bulldozer in new subdivision with sunsetA new subdivision is being built in the north-west part of town. I sometimes pass it on my way to my Ackison Road vista. I noticed them clearing a little over a year ago when my shots looking south show a bare patch in the greenery way to the left.

This week I decided to turn into the newly paved roads to see how they were getting along with the build.

360° panorama of land cleared for a subdivision during sunset
click image to see full size

The land has been cleared and the roads have been paved. The sewers and electrical have been installed. In a few weeks, this vista will be broken up by houses and driveways.

As I stood snapping photos I could hear the cows behind me mooing and lowing. Soon those sounds will be replaced by radios in backyards and children’s voices playing in the driveways.

The folks who move into the westernmost houses will have a beautiful view.

At least until the next subdivision is built…

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