Pack AD and Fall Colours

image of maya miller of the pack adI went to see The Pack AD last night at the Red Dog.

image of maya miller of the pack ad

This is Maya Miller beating a booming rhythm out of her kit.

image of the pack ad

Wow, what a show.

image of the pack ad

This is Becky Black whose voice manages to rise seemingly effortlessly over Maya’s drums.

image of gbecky black of the pack adShe’s a force of nature to be sure.

image of the pack adThe two of them together are like a storm of sound.

image of the pack adAnd their stage show is infectiously energetic.

image of the pack adCheck out their tour dates and go see them if you can. You won’t regret it.

image of country road in autumn coloursI also took a couple of drives this week to check out the fall colours. If you haven’t yet, do it.

image of field in autumn coloursThe colours in the landscape are remarkably vibrant this year. Apparently we’ve had the right number of cold, sunny days to bring out the deep reds and oranges.

image of colourful autumn treesIf you can’t get out into the countryside yourself, here are my snaps to give you a hint of the beauty there is to be seen.



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