Fall Rain and Miller Creek Sunset

image of rain clouds over autumn landscapeI have a number of photos for you this week. We’ve had some beautifully dramatic skies and the autumn colours are stunning.

image of rain clouds over autumn landscapeOn this evening I chased gaps in the rain clouds looking for moments that I could jump out of the car and not get soaked.

image of rain clouds over autumn landscapeI’m struck by how the luminosity of rain clouds seems to make the colours on the ground so much more intense.

image of rain clouds over autumn landscapeAnd watching the rain spill past in the distance is certainly dramatic.

imafe of cows in field under rain cloudsEspecially when someone is watching back. Hello.

image of cows in field under rain cloudsThese ladies certainly don’t seem to mind the warm rain coming down.

image of clouds over autumn marsh coloursI also got a chance to visit the Miller Creek Wildlife Area just as the last rays of the day were fading.

image of glowing cloud over Miller Creek MarshDid I just say something about luminosity? Well there’s a nice patch of it.

image of sunset over Miller Creek MarshWhat a beautiful evening that was. Thank-you.


  1. Nice pictures but the last in the series is truly remarkable. It’s as though you’d caught the edge of a non-threatening cosmic explosion. Hang on to that one.

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