image of green sweat bee honing in on a honey bee's flowerIt’s bee and wasp season. I got stung by a wasp last weekend. Man did that ever hurt. But no hard feelings. It was just doing what wasps do.

In my garden, the bees are doing what bees do.

image of honey bee and green sweat beeThere’s a huge aster in my front garden that I call the bee condo. It attracts hundreds of bees. Every kind of bee. Like the honey bee and green sweat bee above who are vying for the same bloom.

image of bee and hoverfly flying in gardenAnd hoverflies, like the green hover fly above zipping along behind that honey bee.

image of bee landing on flowerI don’t really have the right gear to be taking pictures of bees. I don’t have a macro lens and my telephoto is not the greatest. But there are so many bees hanging around I can take a lot of shots and grab the best ones.

image of bee flying past aster flowerGood gear or not, it’s nice to spend a warm afternoon trying to grab a snap of these improbable creatures soaking up the pollen and the sunshine.


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