Downtown Twilight and Kissed by the Autumn Sun

image of sunset over urban parking lotSeptember. Early autumn. The light is fantastic at this time of year. And the sunsets seem to be so much more dramatic.

image of Villa Auto Wash under a purple skyMaybe it’s because they happen earlier so I’m more likely to catch them in full glory. (The Villa Auto Wash never looked so good.)

image of a dramatic sunset over Hunter Street, PeterboroughMaybe it’s the cooling air that makes the warm colours seem that much warmer.

image of field in early autumnThe quality of light in September can’t be beat.

image of sun soaked early autumn fieldIt’s hard to take a bad photo. The sun seems to perpetually be at exactly the right angle.

image of thresher in the distance in autumnEven the dust kicking up from the combine in the distance looks beautiful.

image of field in early autumnThe whole landscape is sun kissed.

Maybe it’s the farewell kiss of a sun heading south for the winter. The last warm kisses before the freeze. A promise that warm kisses will return in spring.

If you have even a passing interest in photography this is the time of year to get out and do it. Grab your camera on a late afternoon and go for a walk. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be happy with what you get.


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