Blue Suburban Skies and Burgess Shale

360° image of suburban London, Ontario
Click image to see full size

I visited my mother in London this week. It’s been very dry there this summer, with little rain and lawns and gardens that are struggling. Most of the days this summer have looked like this.  Beautiful for sitting on the porch, not so great for growing things.

I’ve also recently had a couple of opportunities to check out rehearsals of The Burgess Shale’s Eight Days Lost project.

image of The Burgess Shale rehearsing

The intricate and compelling music is inspired by the eight days Tom Thompson was lost in Algonquin Park before his body was found.

image of The Burgess Shale rehearsingYou’ll want to check out their multimedia performance during Artsweek on Sept 11th and 12th. You’ll be glad you did.

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