Crowe River, Construction and Pigs

image of trees on the bank along crowe riverI had some beautifully relaxing time this week and was able to visit a friend at her cottage on Crowe River.

image of shale under crowe riverWe went for a good long hike and followed the rocks along the bank. The trees are just starting to take on some colour but the water is still warm. Summer’s not quite over yet.

image of paving construction on highway 7, PeterboroughOn the way home I drove through this re-paving spot on the highway.

When my brother, Charles Vincent, was a teenager he made a series of comics and drawings that showed a “post-civilization” world where nature was reclaiming the city and sky scrapers were crumbling relics but steam and smoke still occasionally rose out of industrial chimneys.

There was something about this scene – the steam rising off the pavement, the heavy equipment, the greenery encroaching on the roadway, the mix of the modern guardrails and the ancient rotting telephone poles – reminded me of those drawings. I loved those drawings.

image of paving construction on highway 7, PeterboroughThese photos are for you, Charles.

Plus, the driveway I pulled into for the construction photos had friendly people and pigs at the end of it.

image of pigs

My permission was granted to take a few snaps of the super friendly young pigs.

image of pig noseWho doesn’t love a friendly, well fed, free range pig? And these ones were total hams.

Snort, snort.

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