Summer Marsh Colour and Big Sky

image of marsh in Peterborough, OntarioA friend and I were practicing her driving for her upcoming test and we passed one of my regular shooting spots.

It looked beautiful in the evening light and the colours of the marshland were so seductive I was tempted to walk right in through the thick duckweed.image of marsh in Peterborough, OntarioThe reflected clouds were just turning colour as the sun arced down in the west. It looks so different than it did back in early, early spring.

image of marsh in Peterborough, Ontario with CHEX tower in backgroundEven the CHEX tower in the distance looked grand.

image of sunset from Nassau Mills RoadWe drove home as the sun finally dipped below the horzion displaying this handsome band of orange under dramatic deep blue clouds.

A couple of evenings before a whole different sort of cloud sailed over the Peterborough Museum.

image of clouds over the Peterborough MuseumThe sky was looking so large it was hard to fit it even into my super fat 16mm wide angle.


  1. They’re all great shots, but the second of the swamp is quite remarkable with its contrasting blue and green. I wouldn’t want to swim in it but it’s sure beautiful to see.
    Thanks for sharing.

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