Kittens and Seasons

image of kitten climbing up toward cameraA stray cat had kittens under a friend’s porch a few weeks ago.

They’re super friendly and they and their mom are doing fine.

image of two kittens out doorsA shelter was built for them to live in while they wait out the next couple of weeks until they’re old enough to go to their adoptive homes.

image of three kittens playfully chasing someone running out of the frameThey’re being cared for by a batch of kind-hearted young rock stars (who you’ve seen on this blog before) who made them a fort to sleep in, away from the busy driveway near the porch.

image of a shelter for kittens built by five kitten care takers

These are the generous guys who have been keeping the kittens safe and loving them up something fierce.

The kittens all have homes waiting for them. A couple of them have already been taken by their excited new owners.

Can well all have a collective, “Awwwwww,” now?

And in other news, the seasons change, just like kittens grow up.

dyptich image of a field in winter and summerThis is the same vista in the depths of last winter and last week in the height of summer.

Time, time, time…

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