Queen Marie at 4th Line Theatre

image of Rob Winslow and Shelley Simester in 4th Line's Queen MarieI was invited to take photos of 4th Line Theatre’s first preview of Queen Marie.

Above are Rob Winslow (as a young Charlie Chaplin) and Shelley Simester (starring as Marie Dressler) in a scene in which they recreate the filming of “Tillie’s Punctured Romance.”

If you’re in the Peterborough area in the next few weeks, get yourself some tickets and check it out.

image of 4th Line's Queen MarieRob Winslow’s farm, where the show goes on, is a beautiful spot with rolling farmland extending beyond the stage area and barn swallows flying through the scenes.

The show is a fun musical comedy about the life of Marie Dressler who was born near here in Cobourg and became a world beloved comedienne and star of stage and silent film.

Definitely worth the drive to Millbrook.

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