BA Johnston and One Big Cloud

image of BA Johnston outside the GarnetBA Johnston. He’s a phenomenon. He usually draws large crowds of drunken revelers who love his over the top, self-deprecating belligerence.

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to catch him as he played to an adoring crowd of fifteen at the Garnet.

It was my favourite BA Johnston set ever. It was so good he had to take the show out into the street to share it with the world (above).

Then he brought it back inside.

image of BA JohnstonAs is his way, he climbed on the furniture.

image of BAHe crawled on the floor.

image of BA JohnstonHe did all his hits, including the audience favourite “I’ve got a deep fryer in my bedroom.” And he wants you to come see his next show.

image of BA Johnston pointing at the cameraFor those of you for whom rollicking vulgarity is not a joy to behold, here is a lovely image of a huge cloud that hung over Peterborough for about 18 hours. I caught it at the corner of Mount Pleasant Road and Highway 7 just before the sun went down.

image of large cloud over country intersection

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