Dogs, Walks and Cows

image of Jack Russell puppy leaping through a farmer's fieldThis is Merv LeRoy.

I went out last weekend to visit a friend at her new farm and to and meet the new addition to the family. Merv, a Jack Russell, is a source of boundless energy.

Somewhat less energetic were the cows…

image of a cow in a field in front of a barn… who aren’t actually as big as the barns, but pretty close.

image of cowTwo of them had just calved and the others are close behind.

image of cows in fieldThe land around this farm is so beautiful. We had to do the full tour.

image of farmer's field with people walkingA path leads down to Indian River through the woods.

image of people walking through forestThe stroll back is just as beautiful as the walk down.

image of woman walking small dogs through fieldThis is Catalina, our hostess, with Merv and Xica leading us home.

image of Jack Russell puppy in large farmer's fieldAnd with big, strong Merv rushing ahead to check the fields for dragons, we have nothing to fear.

image of Jack Russell puppyAnd just in case you didn’t get enough of the cuteness of Merv…

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