Curve Lake Ice Fishing and February Thaw

panroamic image of Curve Lake in February
click image to see it full size

Driving past Curve Lake this week I saw the ice fishing huts and thought that with all the warm weather and thaw we’ve been having they probably won’t be up for much longer. I strolled out onto the ice, which was a bit nerve wracking for me, but since two big guys on an ATV had just zipped past I figured I was safe.

Yup. It’s an unusual feeling standing on a frozen lake.

Earlier in the week we had a fresh snow followed by a warm thaw. Great colours.

image of field in winter with cloudsIncredibly bright sun.

image of field with snow and cloudsAnd the pines at Trent were just dusted with the last of the snow before it melted off.

image of pine trees in winter backed by sunlight

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