Rainbow, R(Ice) Lake and Miller Creek in White

image of rainbow in winterThe weather has been very mild for January. Not only was I standing on my back porch in bare feet earlier this week, but I drove through a short, light rain and came out to find this rainbow. It only lasted for seconds, but it may be the first January rainbow I’ve ever seen.

Ten minutes earlier I was at Rice Lake, which looked like this:

image of frozen lake with pressure break under sunLooks cold, yes? The ice was melting as I snapped.

A few days later and it’s colder, snowier and definitely more wintery.

image of snow covered trail through forestSo I headed to the Miller Creek Wildlife Area where they have this lovely lookout,

image of snow cover path through woods to observation platformThat opens onto this beautiful marsh.

image of Miller Creek Marsh in winterIn a couple of months this place will be a cacophony of bird and frog sounds. If you’re in the area, it’s a great place to see wetlands doing their thing.

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