Trains, Suburbs and Proper Snowscapes

image of a train yard under a cloudy skyI traveled to London this week to visit my mom and was caught by this train yard on Egerton. I’ve passed this yard hundreds of times in my life, but this day it pulled me over and beckoned my to take a few snaps.

image of pigeons flying over a freight train under a cloudy sky in London, OntarioThere was a CN worker there who stopped to chat. He told me they were shunting trains down at the other end of the yard.

I drove to the Highbury overpass to check it out.

image of a freight train shunting, shot from aboveWho doesn’t love trains?

I also walked quite a bit around my mother’s suburban home.

Here, at the corner of Commissioners and Highbury, there is a spot that’s just starting to be developed.

image of hydro lines and a tree next to Commissioners Road in London, OntarioThere’s still enough natural landscape that the human elements haven’t overshadowed everything.

image of hydro lines over scrub next to the highway in London, OntarioThese were shot on Christmas Eve. A couple of days later, the snow started to fall as I drove back to Peterborough and the next morning my world was a different place.

image of fresh snow on a narrow creek by a treeApparently it’s supposed to get warm again and this will all melt away.

It’s lovely to look at in the mean time.

image of a snowy field with the sun smudged behind cloud


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