Dam (at low water)

image of London St DamThe other night we had freezing rain that stuck to everything. Dangerous driving, hard to walk on the sidewalks. In the morning everything was coated in ice. I grabbed my camera and ran out to take shots of the sparkly prettiness.

image of ice on the trees under the London St DamBut as soon as I left the house the sun came out and burned away almost all of the ice.

image of Otonabee under the London St DamI got to one of my favourite “run to” spots for shooting, the London Street Dam, and the water was low. The Otonabee below the dam is like no other landscape on the planet. In fact, when the water is low, and you climb down the bank and stand on the shale, it feels like you’re on another planet altogether.

image of low water under the London St DamYep. Still ranks as one of my favourite places.


  1. Interesting locations. I find it very eerie to stand on a river bed where I am accustomed to seeing fast flowing water. Seems unnatural and somehow foreboding.

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