Heavy Equipment, Othello, Show and Print Sale

image of heavy equipmentI’m a sucker for heavy equipment. When I saw the evening sun warming these beasts I had to stop to take a snap.

So many of the landscapes I’ve shot over the years are being turned to subdivisions and strip malls. The never ending march of progress…

image of dump truck in farmside construction siteI also went to the Mysterious Festivus fundraiser for Mysterious Entity and caught “Othello With a Twist” a humourous excerpt from their upcoming production of Othello.

That’s Rob Fortin, Dan Kildey and Brad Brackenridge, locked in debate.

image of Rob Fortin, Dan Kirkaldy and Brad Brackenridge in Othello (excerpt) at Mysterious FestivusFor those of you in Peterborough who would like to see some of my panoramas in person, three are hanging at Artspace this month at “Exposure” A Group Exhibition Of Peterborough Photographers opening tonight at 7pm.

Hope to see you there.


For anyone who’s looking for an excellent Christmas gift, I’m having a print sale. You can buy a print of any image on this blog or from my web galleries for 30% off the regular price of prints if you order before Dec. 2nd.

Print Size Reg Sale
4×6 15.00 10.00
5×7 35.00 25.00
8×10 65.00 45.00
8×12 65.00 45.00
11×17 150.00 100.00

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