Tower Hill, Little Peterborough and Outstanding in His Field

image of north Peterborough from Tower HillI climbed to the top of Tower Hill the other day. We’ve had such beautiful weather this week and I wanted to capture the city under the beautiful sky.

Peterborough looks so lovely there in the distance. If you look closely, you can see Quaker Oats, the MNR building and all of downtown.

image of Peterborough City taken from Tower HillI also caught up with the same farmer who was ploughing in the sun last spring.

image of spreader heading into a fieldHe remembered me from the last time I asked if I could take a couple of shots of him and was happy to oblige.

I think he quite enjoys his work.

image of autumn field with spreader in distanceAt least on beautiful days like this one.


  1. So, how was the lovely country air while taking pics about 15′ from a manure spreader? Wonder if Farmer Joe just wanted to see if he could make your eyes water.

    1. Actually I was about 100′ from the spreader by the time he started spreading. And he was using old-school, mature, dry cow patties – none of this nasty, treated, liquid unpleasantness. Having grown up around horses, I don’t find the smell of dried horse and cow poop to be that bad, really.

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