Spiderwomen and Vapour Trails

image of Muriel Miguel, Murielle Borst-Tarrant and Josephine Torrent outside Nozhem: First Peoples' House of Learning, Trent University, PeterboroughI’ve been busy this week working a theatre show up at Trent so I didn’t get much time for photos. I did take a quick break to get this snap-shot of three generations of women, Muriel Miguel, Murielle Borst-Tarrant and Josephine Tarrant outside Nozhem: First Peoples’ Performance Space at Trent University where they, as part of Spiderwoman Theater, are putting on the Canadian premiere of the very moving show Red Mother this weekend.

I also got a quick stop in on one of my harried drives to get something from somewhere for someone to take a snap of a hint of a vapour trail in an almost cloudless evening sky.

image of field in sun with vapour trail


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