Lake Fishing and Hootenanny

image of Rice Lake at sunsetThe dog days of summer are also fishing days around the Kawarthas.

Even the seagulls are having success.

image of seagull with a fish in its beakIt’s also the tail end of festival season and Peterborough had it’s own excellent festival, the Hunter Street Hootenanny.

Cuff the Duke rocked the crowd.

image of Cuff the Duke at the Hunter Street Hootenanny, PeterboroughAnd the sun set warmly as the street filled up for the evening show.

panoramic image of Hunter Street during the Hootenanny 2011


  1. I am at home suffering from a bout of bronchitis on a grey tuesday. Your big, beautiful photos have made me feel better. Thank you! I am a little jealous of your Muddy Hack photos as I cannot seem to get a decent capture of my friend Mike! lol!

    1. Nice to meet you the other night. Glad you like the photos and they’ve cheered you up. Mike is a photogenic subject, but the venues are always so dark. I just use my 50mm 1.8, keep it wide open and try to keep my hands steady shooting at 1/60th or 1/80th. Mostly I just get lucky.

      1. It was also very nice to meet you! I did exactlly that at a solo wallace show with my old cannon with 50mm prime. Not to bad results but my hands could have been more steady. Luck is great too. The show was at the spill. The photos are B&W.

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