Terror and Erebus and Cottage Time

image of Brad Brackenridge in Jackson's Creek performing Terror and ErebusBrad Brackenridge has created some incredible puppets for his production of Terror and Erebus. He, along with Kate Story and Charlie Glasspool (below), perform this gem in Jackson’s Creek between Bethune and Park Streets.

image of Charles Glasspool, Brad Brackenridge and Kate Story performing Terror and Erebus on Jackson's CreekI hope you take the time to go check this out tonight or Saturday (August 5th and 6th at 8:30 pm, meet at the corner of Brock and Bethune.)

When not hunting down street theatre in creeks, I’ve been getting to spend some time on the water.

image of canoe on still water in Stony LakeI’ve also been enjoying cottages and campfires.

image of dock and cottage at nightLong live summer.


  1. Picturing you joyfully swimming through those nice, thick weeds. The last pic should go into the Cottaging Hall of Fame.

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