Lightning Storms and Baseball

image of tail lights driving into lightning stormWe had a serious electrical storm last weekend. I was sitting with a friend enjoying the evening when the sky started to light up.

“Wanna go storm chasing?” I asked.

We zipped through the county roads looking for the best spot. I got set up and the storm was still going – long before the rain came. Long enough for me to catch this shot, above, of a taxi headed back to town, driving right into the storm.

Below are two more strikes. The first one is really blown out. I know it’s a no-no to display your blown out photos, but I post it as a testament to how crazy bright some of the flashes were.

image of lightning strike at night with blown highlightsThe one below is the last shot I got before we realized the storm was getting too close and the rain was rushing toward us.

image of lightning strike at nightA few nights later, in calmer weather, I got to catch the tail end of the Zeros vs. the Misfits recreational baseball game.

image of Peterborough recreational baseball league Zeros vs MisfitsThat’s Bill Kimball running for first (note the ball about to fly out of the frame, top-left). And Below is Martin hitting a low ball past the pitcher.

image of Peterborough recreational baseball league Zeros vs MisfitsThere’s no doubt it’s summer now.



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