Ossia Grand Opening, Avenues and More Cows

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Ossia, a tiny but well loved bar and music venue, re-opened this week with Tammy Foreman and Blair Watson (who, as you can see, were very busy) celebrating their new ownership. TV Casualties (in the photo above) was one of many groups to grace the stage that night.

I also stopped by The Pig’s Ear last weekend to watch The Avenues who were making a home town pit stop half way through their cross Canada tour.

They’re back from  out east and are now on their Tender Loving Caravan Western Canada Tour. If they’re stopping by your town I highly recommend you check them out. If you like hearty, old-school, boot stomping country and don’t mind cutting a rug, they’ll fit your bill quit nicely.

image of The Avenues, Benj Rowland, Chris Culgin and Josh FewingsAnd for the animal lovers I was touring around my own countryside on the weekend and met some very friendly cows.


image of young cows in a spring meadow

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