Communications (plus Dave Tough now and then)

double image of microwave towers

Since doing my weather project a couple of years ago, I have become fascinated by the artifacts of humanity that dot the natural landscape outside of cities. Everything from hydro lines and furrowed fields to lonely highways and hiking trails.

Cell phone, microwave and radio towers in particular interest me because outside of the city they are often independent of other man made things, except a service road, more often in fallow fields or scrub than in farmed land. They stand alone in the wilderness sending out waves and waves of information, conversations, broadcasts, chit-chat.

These two are from just south of London last summer (left) and north of Peterborough a couple of weeks ago (right).

Controversial because of their potential impact on health and the environment, I wonder if we will eventually rely on communication transmitted by satellite and these terrestrial towers will become beacons of the past.

Speaking of the past, I got to see Dave Tough play last night for the first time in a long, long time.

image of Dave Tough playing at the SpillIt was a subdued but true-to-form quirky show. Many of his songs referred to events of the past, so for those who like to reminisce, here’s a photo of Dave from many years ago, playing in a dark, dingy theatre many of us used to know and love.

image of Dave Tough from 1994

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