Peterborough 360° and Cows Before the Storm

image of downtown Peterborough, Ontario under a storm
click to see full size

A remarkable weather pattern blew over Peterborough last Monday. I rushed to the parking garage in the middle of town to set up my tripod and umbrella. I caught most of it as it flew past, with cloud and wind, rainbow and eerie amber light.

It was hard to choose which photos to post, so at the bottom there’s a full gallery showing the whole amazing array.

Earlier in the day a friend and I went out looking for storms. We missed one and waited in vain for another to arrive. It was windy and dramatic, though, and while wandering we came across some lovely sleeping cows – and one bull. I gingerly got closer to snap some snaps. All the while the bull and I kept a wary eye on each other.

image of cows and bull lying down in field before a storm

It wasn’t until much later that the second storm rolled in.

The following gallery shows the photos of that storm. These photos are unaltered except to convert from RAW to jpg.

Yes, the colours were that freaky. Yes, there was a rainbow. Yes, I got rained on. Yes, it was absolutely worth it.

For Those who are curious:

  • Camera:  Canon EOS 5D
  • Shutter speed: ranges from 1/200 to 1/5
  • Aperture: ranges from 3.2 to 5.6
  • ISO: 100
  • Lens: Canon 16 to 35 L Series
  • Focal length: 16
  • AF mode: Manual Focus
  • White balance: 5700K


  1. oooh angry, beautiful sky! I can’t believe I missed these sights (esp. the rainbow). gorgeous photos as always, esther. thanks for sharing 🙂 xo.

    1. thanks for the compliments.

      it was a strange, strange storm. really windy (turned my umbrella inside out a few times). and that orange sky was the oddest thing.

  2. Wow. What a gallery. And I chose that weekend to be away! Makes one want to camp out on the parking garage.

  3. “Cows Before The Storm” sounds like a rejected Doors song title.
    The 360 really is good- would love to see it on a wall at a business downtown.

    1. I thought it sounded like “Calm Before the Storm.”

      I’d also love to see it on a wall, just about anywhere, really. Might even happen…

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