Reflection/Strip Mall (“So I Told Him…”)

image of sunsetIt has rained a lot here recently. Hard spring rains. A lot of the fields are saturated with water puddling at the surface. The saturated sunsets look great reflected in them.

The solar farm, which is getting larger by the month, catches a pretty good sunset, too.

image of sunset and solar farmAnd below, a shot of the water along the Otonabee Trail off Aikinson Road reflecting the last rays of the changeable sky. These three photos were taken within an hour during one of the first really warm nights.

image of sunset over Otonabee Trail, Peterborough

It was so nice to be out at 8 o’clock in my shirtsleeves listening to the peepers peep in the marsh.


Back in town… I don’t fancy myself much of a street photographer. My head is in the clouds. Or I’m too self-conscious, maybe, to catch people unawares. But I thought I’d take my old camera out for a walk the other day.

I caught this snap of two women engaged in what looked like an important story. “So I told him…”

image of women talking outside restuarantWhat do you think? Should I stick to landscapes and rock bands or should I try sneaking snaps out on my daily travels?


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