Depths of Winter

image of sunlit snowy farm field

I keep thinking I should post nice bright summery photos to get us through the winter, but I’m enjoying making myself go out into the elements to shoot every week. And there’s something about the way the light hits the snow stark landscape that makes it worth almost losing my fingers to frost while I stand there waiting for the shadows and sunlight to do just what I want.



  1. Esther,

    this landscape is gorgeous. you’ve perfectly captured the contrast of warm light and dead (resting) earth.
    i keep focusing on the small details – little drifts, yellow grasses, blue shadows – but i’ve totally forsaken the bigger picture.
    glad you’re out there recording the beauty!

    1. thanks so much!

      i get overwhelmed and pulled in by the sky. the little details, like the bits of grass poking through the snow and the barn in the distance, end up being tiny suggestions in the enormous landscape.

      of course the 16mm lens definitely helps add to the grandeur.

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