Ice Below the Dam

image of large ice skirt around a tree

I sometimes get myself into some dangerous situations taking photos: standing roadside at night, on a hill in a lightning storm, in a mosh pit in front of a band. I don’t take unnecessary risks, but they’re not places for the faint of heart.

On this particular adventure, however, I actually felt uneasy. I didn’t know when the dam might open, or one of the huge ice skirts might come crashing down or a tree collapse under the weight (one had before I arrived). The footing was slippery shale and the icy water was moving very fast.

What added to the unease was the feeling that I had landed on another planet. Between the fog, the unusual shapes of the ice and the muted colours in the rock and trees I could have been on Europa or Titan.

image of rings of ice around trees in a frozen river
click image to see in full screen

Also, my show at Lunch (318 Charlotte Street, between Rubidge and Reid) has been held over for January. Go in, have a sandwich and some soup and have a look.

image of poster for Esther Vincent exhibition at the Lunch deli


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