Jack and the Balloonstalk

image of children and adults playing with a large bunch of colourful helium balloons with a tail of green streamers

This is a trial run of a prop for an upcoming production of Jack and the Beanstalk. Laurel, the director, needed to know how many helium balloons it would take to get the “beanstalk” made of streamers into the sky. The kids who showed up to help had a great time screaming and dodging the balloons and streamers as they soared and dove, swooping down over people’s heads and then up into the clouds.

I love the red shirts against the green grass, the colourful balloons against the grey sky and the way the streamers curve along the right side of this photo making almost a question mark with the point at the top instead of the bottom. Never mind the photographer’s “S” rule, let’s start the “?” rule.

[This photo appeared in Entertainment section of The Peterborough Examiner, Wed., August 25, 2010]


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