Cottages, Beaches and Storms (Ackison Road 360°)

image of trees reflected in water on a lake at a cottage on Catalina Bay

The light changes are slow and broad this time of year. This is the view off a friend’s dock when I arrived last weekend. Below Read more “Cottages, Beaches and Storms (Ackison Road 360°)”

Wires, Not-winter and Tara and Cliff

image of telephone wires along the side of Lily Lake Road
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My interest in communication towers seems to be morphing into an interest in all of the artifacts that connect us across the countryside. Power lines, telephone lines, even the roads themselves stretch through farm fields and green spaces. Read more “Wires, Not-winter and Tara and Cliff”

401 at Darlington and Canada Day Dock

image of Highway 401 near the Darlington Nuclear Power Generation PlantComing home from Toronto last week I pulled off onto the Darlington Power Plant service road to catch the dramatic sunset that was lighting up a storm over Peterborough.

And today is the first long weekend of the summer. Read more “401 at Darlington and Canada Day Dock”

Communications (plus Dave Tough now and then)

double image of microwave towers

Since doing my weather project a couple of years ago, I have become fascinated by the artifacts of humanity that dot the natural landscape outside of cities. Everything from hydro lines and furrowed fields to lonely highways and hiking trails.

Cell phone, microwave and radio towers in particular interest me Read more “Communications (plus Dave Tough now and then)”