Storefront Photo Preview, Cambridge (EnRoute) and Pond Mills (Almost There)

image of PSPP wallThe first day of viewing for the Peterborough Storefront Photography Project is today from noon to 7pm.

As this article mentions, the opening is Monday evening from 7 to 10pm. (420 George Street, North, Peterborough). Come on out if you can. It’s a great show.

image of clouds over the cambridge enroute stopAfter getting the show up and doing some promo, I came back to London to visit mom again. Read more “Storefront Photo Preview, Cambridge (EnRoute) and Pond Mills (Almost There)”

Development and Progress (Also SPARK photo festival and Workshop)

image of sunset over snowy fieldDriving out to the north of town I turned my head to see this lovely burnished sunset hovering over a fallow field.

It was directly across from a construction site that’s been under construction for some time. Read more “Development and Progress (Also SPARK photo festival and Workshop)”

Summer Marsh Colour and Big Sky

image of marsh in Peterborough, OntarioA friend and I were practicing her driving for her upcoming test and we passed one of my regular shooting spots.

It looked beautiful in the evening light and the colours of the marshland were so seductive I was tempted to walk right in through the thick duckweed. Read more “Summer Marsh Colour and Big Sky”

Trains, Suburbs and Proper Snowscapes

image of a train yard under a cloudy skyI traveled to London this week to visit my mom and was caught by this train yard on Egerton. I’ve passed this yard hundreds of times in my life, Read more “Trains, Suburbs and Proper Snowscapes”